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What are 'Holistic Sessions'?

Updated: Jan 18

As humans living in gravity, our bodies are constantly seeking balance. This requires our brain and muscles to work in harmony to maintain our physical equilibrium. Our life experiences and beliefs will affect how well this brain/muscle communication functions.

Holistic Sessions are ideal for people who have PTSD, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, trauma, surgeries, TMJ, migraines, who are considering surgery or injections, joint pain, unexplainable swelling, back pain, sciatica, arthritis, and other conditions.

In a Holistic Session, I assist clients in re-learning the fullest expression of this brain/muscle communication. During the session, you will be using your present-moment awareness to observe how your body responds to verbal movement cues. The movements you are led through are gentle and safe. This 'somatic' approach is a deep dive into your body and nervous system. You will learn how to let go of chronic muscle tension. We may also address the current state of your emotions and give them a soft 're-boot'. You will leave your session feeling lighter and softer.

Holistic Sessions are a pathway to finding freedom and ease in your body and life. This will give you the opportunity to experience your life from the perspective of 'possibilities'.

Please take advantage of the free 20-minute consultation that is offered. This can be in person or via zoom. I look forward to meeting you!

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