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Holistic Sessions

Rosen method

Most of us are moving through our lives using the filters of our experiences, feelings, and emotions. In the 'Holistic Sessions' at Sage Somatic, you will learn the possibility of perceiving your life through a completely new lens. From this openness, you may find the key to your own health and happiness.

'Holistic Sessions' are tailored to the specific needs of you and your body. These sessions are restorative, gentle, and deep. They are beneficial for all ages and life experiences. Athletes, performers, and individuals who manage chronic pain, auto-immune disorders, physical trauma, repetitive motion issues, or who are facing or healing from surgery, are well-served by these sessions.

Hanna Somatics
Feldenkrais technique

To begin your session, we will set the intention for what you want to manifest in your healing journey. Your physical and emotional bodies will be connected with in a gentle atmosphere. You will receive what is needed to create health, hope, and happiness. I look forward to meeting you in Boulder, Colorado (zoom sessions are also available).

Holistic Sessions: Classes

Sage Somatic

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