These sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your body.  Using the modality of Hanna Somatics, you will discover new possibilities of freedom and ease, while being consciously present in your body.  This deep and gentle modality is beneficial for all ages and life experiences; for those who have chronic pain, physical trauma, and repetitive motion issues.  Please see the 'Testamonials' section to read what others have experienced from Hanna Somatics.



Your massage will be curated according to your intentions.  I will connect with your nervous system in order to create sustainable change for you.  I draw upon the following massage techniques:  Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, and Pre-Natal (60 & 90 minute sessions are available).



Most of us are moving in our lives using the filters of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  This is not always the most optimal way to meet our days.  With an Access Bars session, you can open up to the possibility of perceiving your life through a completely new lens.  This modality can bring you to a place of knowing, being, and receiving.  Access Bars will slow down your brain waves and deeply relax your body.  This is a one hour session of cranial acupressure points.  Please read some of the reviews at 'Sage Somatic' on google maps.



Cupping is an ancient technique for removing stagnation from the muscle tissues.  The cupping will 'vacuum' your muscles and bring the stagnation into the lymphatic system.  This treatment also helps relieve areas of deep tension and stress.  Most cllients report feeling lighter and more openness in their bodies. This one hour session will also include some therapeutic massage.