I have been seeing Shiva for help with a frozen shoulder issue I have been experiencing.  He gently guides me through Somatic movements.  He has helped to speed up my rehab progression in only a few sessions!  A genuine, thoughtful, and incredibly knowledgeable healer! Highly recommended! Thank you! - K.H.

I see Shiva for Somatic sessions. This is the best thing ever!  I experience severe shoulder pain from long commutes and from being in front of a computer for many hours.  Shiva guides me very gently through a series of exercises to release all that tension.  He also shows me how to become aware of these tensions, so I can decrease the negative effect on my body.  When the pain was so bad, I went to Shiva and am so very glad I did. I feel so good, physically and mentally.  Releasing the tension brings a good bit of clarity into your life.  I cannot say enough good things about Shiva and my Somatic journey.  Highly recommended!!! - C.N.